The first thing that comes to mind in reminiscence of this harvest, is that this was the latest start I have had in my 20

years winemaking career.

A late winter had the growing season start at a very slow pace.  Late winter rains caused wet conditions during November and December.   No significant difference between the temperature data of this vintage and the previous vintage but this year had a higher diurnal temperature range of 14.12 °C.  This indicated cooler days and nights overall than the previous year from December to April.  However, higher humidity and dewpoint data led to more cloud cover during the growing season from December to the end of harvest.


  Average MIN Temp °C Average MAX Temp °C
Dec ‘21 12.1 24.1
Jan ‘22 14.76 28.18
Feb ‘22 14.03 27.68
March ‘22 13.42 25.94
April ‘22 8.68 21.77


This caused a cooling effect and is thus one of the reasons for a slower ripening and much cooler vintage than previous years.  Harvest decisions were based this year not only on physiological and phenological ripening but gut feel and experience played a major role.  Starting off with a wet growing season but drying up towards the end of January ensured the fruit was in pristine condition.

We kicked off the harvest with Pinot Noir on 1 March 2022.  This is 10 days later than the previous vintage.   Many early mornings and very late nights during March followed in the winery.  By the beginning of April, it was only Merlot and Shiraz still on the vines. Harvesting ended by late April taking in Merlot clonal 348.

Typical of cooler climate grapes and resultant wines this vintage ensured as previously, that the grapes came into the cellar with high natural acidity and YAN levels.  Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc show beautiful fruit concentration, minerality, and freshness.  Sauvignon blanc this vintage has notably higher thiol-flavor concentration.  Whilst the Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Syrah maturing in barrel has well-integrated tannins already, good fruit concentration, and elegance.


Download the pdf version of the 2021 Harvest Report here.