Sea Bass and Sauvignon

A whole sea bass braaied to perfection makes a great summertime dish. The bones help to add flavour and moisture to the flesh, while the striking grill lines on the glistening skin make the fish wonderfully presentable. The fish can be oiled, seasoned and added to a fish basket prior to cooking (this helps to keep the fish in one piece and stops any stuffing falling out) but the sea bass can also be added directly to the braai. You can wrap the whole sea bass in foil prior to cooking – this helps to steam the fish, which keeps the flesh moist, but keep in mind that this method will not produce crispy skin or as much smokiness from the braai. If adding the fish directly to the braai, try threading a skewer through the belly of the fish to keep any stuffing securely in place.


  1. Check the sea bass has been gutted and scaled and remove the head if desired. Slash the flesh about 3-6 times down both sides of the body – depending on the size of the fish
  2. Rub oil and salt (and any choice of marinade) all over the fish and add to an oiled fish basket (or wrap in foil). Alternatively, place directly onto the braai.
  3. Braai the fish for 6-7 minutes on each side, the fish is cooked when the flesh comes easily away from the bone.
  4. Serve with roasted vine tomatoes, fennel and lots of fresh lemon and rock salt.
  5. Best enjoyed with a bottle or two of Cloud Haven Sauvignon Blanc

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